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Adzpower is a Straight forward, Efficient Marketplace where you can set up Campaigns, upload Creatives, set your Targeting, Add funds, and activate campaigns all from within a simple-to-use Web interface. You can then view your online stats and tweak your Campaigns to ensure you get a great Return.

• Self-serve Marketplace Allowing you to Manage your Campaigns 24/7

• Campaign Planner which gives you the Ability to slice and dice traffic data

• Efficient, Drag and Drop, campaign Creation/Management interface

• Tablet, Smartphone, or Featurephone traffic available in over Majority countries

• Ad units: post-roll ads for Mobile Videos, Banners, Text ads, click to call ads, Rectangular ads, leaderboards, Rich media, and more

• Targeting options: Countries, Carriers, Categories, Keywords, Tablets, Smartphones, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Wifi, and more

• Your ads will be running on quality sites. We are the only mobile ad network that handpicks our publishers to ensure the traffic you buy from us is of the highest quality

• Pay per click (CPC), or per 1000 impressions (CPM)

• Industry leading support! A real person will get back to you the same day if possible


• Extremely High Fill Rate

• Efficient CPC, CPM Revenue

• Realtime Reports

• Amazing Customer support

There are reasons why AdzPower differs from other advertising providers.

• Global Coverage

• Fast and Correct Payments

• Secure and Fast Server

• Accurate Reports

High Fill Rate

• Fillrate at Adzpower is always around 80% we make sure our Publishers make money.

• The best method to increase fill rate is to choose an ad source that assure you high fill rate. A typical ad network offers fill rate anywhere between 25-50%. However an Ad Mediator can give you anywhere between 75%-100% fill rate. The perfect example being AdzPower that offer its publishers 90%+ fill rate across geographies

Payment Methods

• Bank Transfer

• Payza

• PayPal

Note : Minimum Pay Out 50 USD